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Buenos Aires, Argentina - 29th September of 2016

Travel : How to jump in the unknown, without killing herself?

I have never realized how lucky I were, until then...

I have to admit one provoke its own luck. And I can't be ashamed of the journey I made, but I am one lucky little brats.

The people, and the opportunity I keep running into, are trully a blessing. Did it ever happen to you, you think that everything is against you but at the end there is always this little light.... Yeah I know, sometimes the light is hard to see! But in my life it seems that it does not matter how low I get, I always stand up back on my feet.

I trully associate travel to create a Life, a new life with a new beginning, a fresh start, where everything is possible. As for now I have 4 distinct Life, or should I say 1 life in 4. I get richer and richer every time.

A good friend of mine explained me once, your heart does not share space for the people you love, it just keeps on getting bigger and bigger as you welcome new people in your Life.

I've never been satisfied, I always wanted more. Like a drug addict I craved for more happiness, it was never enough until then ...

Until I realized I am happy and I am lucky.

Carpe diem people say.. Yeah lucky bastard who can pretend that! We are all made from a past and all hoping for a better future. We are imperfect Human. And this is beautiful, this is our luck...

I am lucky to be so Broken...

I found a job, I live in Buenos Aires, I miss my family, I miss my friends, I love my life.

I am a lucky little brats...

With love

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