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Hermosa Argentina

July 27th 2016 - soon after the terrorist attacks in Nice

I took the Road the 13th of July and what a journey...

I don't know what I love the most, the amazing and caring people I meet, the breathtaking landscapes I am seeing, or the various wine and gastronomy I discover every single day.

Argentina is full of surprise..

The "no-plan Plan" is working pretty well. I spent a week inTucuman with a very Special family, who I could not Thank enough.

San Miguel de Tucuman is a pretty big city in Argentina, and has a great city center. There are great spots around the city to discover.

I also jumped at the opportunity, to do a little escapade in Tafi del Valle. Very different!!! Small little town in the moutains, very dry and lots to offer. (very cold too)

It was hard to leave Tucuman, as it soon felt like home, but like we said in France "toutes les bonnes choses ont une fin" and I had to continue my journey.

I decided to go by bus to cafayate for 2 nights which soon became 3. The hostel was not the best, but I made great friends, drunk a lot of wine and had lots of fun! This little city has the highest vineyards in the world, and counts 340 days of sun. Not too bad, aye?!

I hitch hiked to Salta, and discovered even more great persons.(I will soon do a post on Hitchhiking as a Solo Traveler)

In Salta, I have the chance to stay with a family again (Yes I know... I am a spoild little brat ^^). Their hospitality is stunning. I can definitely say Argentinian are very proud of their country and love to show you around. They are the best guides, you could ask for.

It is also quite nice to be able to speak Castellano. Slowly I start to tkink in Spanish. I have now 3 languages in my little head, and it starts to be a little crowded up there!

I take the road tomorow for Jujuy, and continue my journey to the north!

I am well... I miss you! And I have a very special thought for France, hoping the Horror will stop.

Stay Safe

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