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Buenos Aires- Argentina - December 28th 2016

So much to do..... So much important thing to do.... But Life has its way to catch you up. Work, Family, Friends, Love, Wine, Food, Sleep. And for the rest?!

I admire people whom have this talent to organize their life and find the way to do everything. The worst is, the guiltiness of not doing it... Only solution?! Run baby run.....

I am here, enjoying my coffee... Feeling the hit of Buenos Aires Summer... Listening Music and shamefully postponing.

Postponing for a better organized future.

I am working 54 hours a week... Like a Drug addict I get peacefully consumed by it.. Couple months ago, I was travelling like a junky running after a better future. I finally put my suitcase in Buenos Aires and start to organize my future. And Now? Well I am dreadfully hoping to travel, and I am not doing anything productive...

No One can be totally satisfied... It seems that CARPE DIEM, is for the little fuckers who do not have to postpone, because they have this clock in their head... Ohhhh I envy you... Look at Me, writing this post, its 12pm and I did not do anything productive...

I should be visiting the entire city, wear my shoes out dancing tango, find time to rent a flat, get done administrative bullshitness, enjoying my Life in Argentina, as well as following my life in France while planning to visit USA, and somehow sort out all the memories I had while Traveling...

Well forget it, I'll make myself another coffee..

With love Maelle

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